Annabelle Dvir

7 INCH OF SLAM - THE FULL BODY SOUNDSCAPE premiered as part of the

collaboration between Diver Festival

Tel Aviv 2019 and From Jaffa to Agripas

Festival Jerusalem 2019;

produced with the support of Mifal

Hapais - The Israeli Lottery Council for Culture and Arts.
A full live album - a soundtrack of flesh and voice. Seven women assemble to practice the instrumental-musical and the tangible-sensory impulse that arises from the collision between the body and the floor; the body as an instrument surrounded by other instruments - a set of drums and electric guitars. Together they examine the ritualism of the slamming action, re-experiencing and witnessing pleasure despite pain, through coercion and liberation, focusing on the physical and behavioral shape of their voice. Through various audial-sonoric images, vocal archetypes and “the instruments’ song”, they alter the meaning of visual perception - forms and sensations - procuring new connotations for it, rebuilding the moment of fragmentation.

Choreography: Vocal and Music Composition: Annabelle Dvir

Creative Performers: Annabelle Dvir, Layil Goren, Dana Naim Hafouta, Shaked Mochiach, Yuval Finkelshtein

Original Music Composition -

Drums & Electric Guitars: Tamar Kaminsky, Zohar Yehieli

Light Design: Tamar Or

Stage Consulting: Zohar Shoef

Costumes: Deborah Fischer

Length: 50 min




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Picture of Event:

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