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All Ways
Post-performance discussion August 13
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“Black bird, white dove, it is not fear that lives in the wind. Don’t stray from your nest and return to the font and quench your thirst.” All Ways explores the utopia of permanent harmony, a state reached after the resolution of personal conflicts and the discovery of our rightful place on this Earth. We all have before us multiple roads, but only one leads us to ourselves. Without a path we feel lost, we are filled with darkness and confusion, directionless, flying blind with no compass or stars to guide us on dark nights. In All Ways, the seven dancers are travelers, tracing out multiple paths that intertwine in the pursuit of harmony. Their inertia courts “harmony,” but they must cross unstable, sometimes tortuous, territories. The road they travel crosses five emotional landscapes: loss, searching, dreaming, falling in love, and the construction of conscience. Beyond the pilgrimage awaits the sky, the stars, the cosmos… the sense of being suspended in the unfathomable nothingness. The path may take us through places where everything is possible, where past and future shape a present dream, where love is inevitable, where we encounter ourselves. 

Sharon Fridman’s dancing knowledge is made up of Israeli folklore and contemporary dance. Born in Hadera, Israel, he settled in Madrid and founded Compañía Sharon Fridman in 2006. His career as a dancer started when he joined the Ido Tadmor Dance Company, based in Tel Aviv. Fridman’s performance career includes Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company and Vertigo Dance Company, among others. In 2000, he started working as a choreographer with the Phrasal group. In 2004 he joined Mayumaná Company as choreographer and artistic coordinator. His work has been presented by Paris Quartier d´Été, among others, and has received many prizes, among them the prestigious Max Award 2015.

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