Curtain 1 - Lior Tavori, Shahar Biniamini, DOR

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Lior Tavori 


Each choreographer must create. He must be in movement, reinventing himself. He wants you to love him. He wants to impress you. He wants you to think he's good, unique and deep. But how the hell do you do that ?! How do you meet the criteria? How do you stay sane? And what will the audience say? Will love? Hate? Laugh out of the piece? Or laugh at the piece? 

The never-ending audition of life. 

The complicated relationship with the audience. 

Creator and Creation. 


Dancers Co-create: Shira Ben Uriel, Amnon Peled, Yael Averbuch, Nir even Shoam, Niv Elbaz 
Shahar Biniamini 


“'In a wonderful world, lived a man, boy. 
With power erupting and tremendous finesse, the legend of Francesco will be told." 




Dor Mamalia and Dariusz Nowak

Place to be
By using a choreographed movement we aim to show what describes modern life: temporariness, vulnerability, and inclination to constant change, where 'to be' means forever 'becoming', avoiding completion, and staying underdefined. Every new structure replaces the previous one and becomes another momentary settlement – acknowledged until further notice. The piece reflects the growing conviction that change is the only permanence with no final state in sight and none desired.

Dancers: Jin Young Won, Dor Mamalia, Dariusz Nowak

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