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Curtain Up - Dance Premiers

ObNob by Amit Yardeni
Inspired by the idea of guests at a party who do not really want to be there. The concept emerged from secondary characters at the ball in "Swan Lake,", who do not have any real reason for their attendance. The piece talks about different ways in which people react to boredom, what boredom brings out of them when they think no one can see them, and letting go.

Happy and Lucky by Dror Liberman & Kazuyo Shionoiri
This work formulates an impossible fusion between the ordinary and the fantastic, the sublime and the despicable - a combination of our deepest anxieties and most incongruous dreams which together create a glamorously crooked set of scenes and interactions.

ornament crime love song by Noa Shadur
“Just as thought gives value to an abstract work so rhythm gives meaning to forms.”
-Hans Richter

If you were God by Martin Harriague 
If you were God, what would you create first?

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