Evening with Creators - Three Duets

Dana Marcus    
If you catch me, will I fall?

In a vortex of "I" and "we", between struggle and cooperation.
In a constant wonder of what holds what and who grasps who.
In the places between success and giving up and between the choice to control or free fall.
During moments where the togetherness allows to be alone and in those moments when the alone builds our togetherness.
At the end, it's always just both of us, you and me in our repeated attempts to cope with ourselves.

The work was premiered at the "Gvanim in Dance 2017" festival of Suzanne Dellal

Choreography: Dana Marcus
Dancers: Micah Amos and Dana Marcus
Music: Tomer Baruch
Artistic accompaniment: Shlomit Fundaminsky 

Thanks: Micha Amos, Dror Birger, Shlomit Fundaminsky, Tomer Baruch, to Yun - my partner in life and to my parents who are always with me in every step.

Lior Tavori
And Over Again

 A dance Piece that deals with bereavement and takes place in the memory of all of us, with war in the background. It skips between the living room and the battlefield, playing with time. From here to there, again and again. You want to forget, you're trying to repress, you're waiting for the brain to pass the order to the body, but it does not happen. The pain is absorbed in you humbly. As a habit. As life.

Choreography: Lior Tavori
Dancers: Lior Tavori, Shahar Brener
Music: Naomi Shemer, Pan American, Dino Saluzzi
Rehearsal Manager: Einat Betsalel
Lighthining Design: Lior Orkol
Costumes: Harel Lissman
Poster design and Illustration: Ken Brezel

Roni Rotem 

 ? Do you remember when you were 5
,Back in time, you were a child. Do you remember the things you used to do
 ? the games you played, the friends you had, the intense feelings you felt
Smells and emotions can bring you back to your deepest memories. The best
and the worst. The sweet and the bitter.
 I delved back into my own memory, to re-explore the joys, fears, hopes, passions, pleasures of my earlier self. I pieced these fragments together into a collage of physical gestures and “past pictures” that encompass not just my own experiences but those of many.
In this work, I invite the audience to go back in time, to the period when they
were children, to make them remember and be moved by these memories.

Choreography: Roni Rotem
Dancers: Roni Rotem and Gilad Goral

Music: Dekel Bor

This work was created during a month long residency at Lake studios, Berlin in October 2018.
Thanks to Kibbutzim College, to my beautiful family and to Dekel Bor. 

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