Kolben Dance - on the edge

Kolben Dance Company Presents: On the Edge

On The Edge is a poetic and energetic voyage that brings the audience closer, literally and metaphorically, to a hugging and kicking dance experience.
This piece is inspired by the very living on the edge. It moves on the edge of inner and outer tensions, while exploring the relationships between them.
It is primarily based on the experience of living in Jerusalem, the city of peace, where there have never been a peaceful moment in its' entire history.
Life on the Edge is a life in a place where a call for help from the other is not heard. Moments of tenderness, intimacy and support disappear once and again in the waves of the all against all warfare.
And yet, the endless effort to contact the other, an anonymous other, who will fulfill our wish for love and tenderness and for a real partnership, gives hope that the warm desire will prevail over the cold possibilities of the digital connection.
By: Amir Kolben | Costumes: Hagit Abir/Amir Kolben | Lighting: Shay Yehudai | Music: Collage
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