Love is strong as death by Adama

The performance is a new interpretation of former works by Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal:
Two Room Apartment / Inta Omri / Dance of Nothing.
The sound is a rare recording of a performance, in which there are organic voices of random speech, breath, audience's laughter and feet screeching the floor.
"The choreographic work started from learning dough kneading. The dough contains the charm of resting. When it's in non-doing, it swells itself up. Its softness and flexibility depend on a combination of proficiency and release. That is how we are when we meet ourselves or others. What lets this meeting be soft, empowering and inspiring? And when do we cling and choke it up until we're 'out of air' and things get clingy or difficult. The work moves between the spaces of breathing that can bring us to smile and be compassionate, and between those who leave us breathless". Liat Dror
Choreography: Liat Dror & Nir Ben Gal
Performers: Dikla Rejevsky, Lee Zach, Tal Raviv, Roni Jo Schneider, Ariel Hulin, Irad Ben Gal, Gilad Goral, Oren Russo
Music: Gilles Andrieux, Yuval Micenmacher, Haroun H. Teboul ‎ Dance of Nothing (Original Soundtrack)
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