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AZUL VIDA (Blue Life) - World premiere
Post-performance discussion July 31
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Everything in life is possible if the flame of desire continues to burn in your soul. AZUL VIDA (Blue Life), the latest creation by world-famous flamenco duo Rojas and Rodríguez, will have its world premiere at the Suzanne Dellal Centre. The new work takes happiness as its starting point - something so simple and yet so complicated. AZUL VIDA is a new color that illuminates this great journey danced by the passion of Rojas and Rodríguez with live musicians. Travel to a new world of flamenco and movement through music and emotions, where you are invited not only to look, but to feel and, above all, be. 
Rojas y Rodríguez are known as Spain’s most dynamic flamenco duo. After 21 years of collaboration, they embark on the creative labyrinth that is AZUL VIDA, marking the beginning of a new phase and a continuation of the deepest respect and admiration for each other. Their philosophy is based on the search for a different way of understanding movement, creation, and stage approach, giving a new dimension in Spanish dance and flamenco. This work began in 1996 and has become a reference for new generations. They have brought to the stage the classic and the contemporary, farrucas, fandangos, alegrías, cowboys, and tailcoats, never allowing flamenco to be diluted.

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