SOL Dance Company - TOML

TOML- Time Of My Life
Choreography: Eyal Dadon & Dancers
CEO: Dedi Alufer, | Artistic Director: Eyal Dadon |Vice CEO: Tzlil Harush
Performers: Nadav Gal, Shay Partush, Madison Payne Hoke, Roni Ben Simon, Ori Ofri, Sian Olles, Moran Muller, Evyatar Omessy
Music: Tomer Salem, P.E Tchaikovsky, New Look, Adrian Klumpes, להקת שפתיים, Bon Iver, Nissim Gutman
Rehearsal Director: Tamar Barlev
Lighting Design: Qi Yujie
Costume Design: Michal Luria
Production: House Of Dance Be'er Sheva
Video: Ram Gil
Pictures: Pini Snir

The work deals mainly with our ability to look at ourselves in a cynical way, in particular, our obsession with external beauty, and our ability to laugh at ourselves. In the creative process we were inspired by the subjects and feeling of self-sacrifice, love, giving, lightness, fear, disappointment, ego, identity and society.
While first starting our creative process of "TOML," we began with the revival of a previous work "DU-K" which was created as a collaboration between SOL Dance Company and the BJ9CDT from Beijing. During the rehearsals of “TOML”, the themes intensified, delving into deeper questions and answers, about the differences in our cultures, leading us to a collaborative evolution, until we arrived to a work completely transformed from its source.

Sol Dance Company was founded in the ancient Old City of Be'er Sheva, in 2016. The ensemble is comprised of 8 dynamic and unique dancers who inspire and create an artistic atmosphere. The dancers and work reach the audience in an intimate and human manner. SOL Dance Company is the house company of the 'House Of Dance Be'er Sheva', there, the dancers and the Artistic Director Eyal Dadon, are exploring and developing their dance langauge and their approach in different ways to movement, society, music and life.

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