Sharona Floresheim - Noa's Secret of Infinity

Sharona Floresheim presents

Noa's Secret of Infinity

'Noa's Secret of Infinity' is a dance-theatre performance for children that reveals the surprising and fascinating world of modern physics. Concepts like the "Big Bang", "quantum particles", "infinity", and others are brought to life on stage through movement, music, and text. Children and parents are invited to join the particles’ wondrous game and discover, together with Noa, the secret of infinite possibilities. The meeting point between science and art holds enormous potential on creative and educational levels alike. "Noa's Secret of Infinity" brings together scientific knowledge and artistic expression, and aims to inspire children's curiosity, awareness, and recognition regarding the nature of reality, the world of matter, and its fascinating and unexpected behavior. By knowing more about quantum mechanics and the way it defines reality, a fresh, open, and more dynamic paradigm is formed, suggesting that we're part of the way reality is formed around us, and that our perception of it is a powerful tool in shaping it.


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