Yasmeen Godder

Two Playful Pink

Yasmeen Godder’s groundbreaking female duet from 2003, Two Playful Pink, is re-staged for new audiences with two new powerful dancers: Dor Frank and Francesca Foscarini. The duet, originally performed by Godder and collaborator Iris Erez, won extensive international acclaim for portraying two women who respond to the constant gaze that inspects them.
Being looked at, examined, and living up to the expectation, where the body operates as a social tool, they develop a relationship between them. Inspired by surreal imagery and pop energy, different sections present different aspects of the female body and psyche, exposing a refreshing language: mysterious, funny and disturbing all at once.
Choreography: Yasmeen Godder | Artistic Consultant: Itzik Giuli | Creating Performers: Yasmeen Godder, Iris Erez | Performing Dancers: Francesca Foscarini, Dor Frank | Music: Gyorgy Ligeti, PJ Harvey, Ran Slavin | Costumes: Ilanit Shamia | Light Design: Jackie Shemesh |Technical Director: Omer Sheizaf | Photography: Tamar Lamm International Touring: Dalit Itai, Gal Canetti - as is presenting arts | Production and Administration: Guy Hugler
Suitable for ages 14 and up.
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